Chiseikan Grand Opening Ceremony

We were all very excited to complete the opening ceremony and the Shinto ritual that was a part of it on Saturday, April 3rd. We invited the priest of the former Gion Nagi Shrine, the home of the Ujigami (the god who protects the area that our Dojo is located) to perform the ceremony, and after that, all members of Chiseikan Dojo demonstrated a variety of techniques and kata. The owner of our building and the president of Hirano Advertising Co., Ltd., who made our beautiful window sign also joined us for this event. We also received flowers and celebratory messages from some of our closest friends and supporters.

Thanks to everyone's support and cooperation, we were able to open the Chiseikan Dojo successfully. We will continue to practice and teach with the aim of becoming a dojo that is loved by everyone!