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Experience Aikido - Trial Class

Experience the Aikido practice at Chiseikan Dojo in Kyoto!

  • 1時
  • 2,000円
  • Location 1


[TRIAL CLASSES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO RESIDE IN KYOTO 1 MONTH OR LONGER, AND CAN PRACTICE 8 TIMES OR MORE DURING THEIR TIME AT CHISEIKAN] What you'll learn: UKEMI - How to protect yourself if you fall TEHODOKI - How to release your hands if you're grabbed TAISABAKI - How to avoid and attack + BASIC TECHNIQUES - to deal with an attack (if time permits) *This class is for Adult Class practice (Jr. High School and above) ** Trial Classes are available only for those who will live in Kyoto for one (1) full month or longer. Shorter-term tourists/visitors are not eligible to participate in these trial classes.


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