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智誠館 Tシャツ Aikido in Kyoto, Chiseikan T-Shirts


[English follows Japanese]

稔心流武道 智誠館Tシャツが完成しました!杵淵師範の門徒への想い「青は藍より出でて藍より青し」の気持ちが込められています。小学生はロイヤルブルーで一般はネイビーカラーです。図柄の意味:杵淵師範ご在住の小千谷は世界でも有名な鑑賞鯉の養殖地なので鯉。その鯉が滝を登って白龍になる。白龍は龍の中でも最速に飛ぶ龍。その龍が宝玉を持っています。最初は鯉だった門徒が滝を登れる程に精進し、いずれは強く優れた白龍のようになり、智識と技量の宝を持った素晴らしい人になってほしい。という杵淵師範の想いが込められています。

Our Nenshinryu Budo Chiseikan Dojo T-shirts are ready! The spirit of “The blue that comes from indigo and is bluer than indigo itself” is embedded in these shirts. Elementary school student T-shirts are royal blue and adult shirts are navy.

Here’s the meaning of the design: Ojiya City (Niigata Prefecture), where Kinefuchi-shihan lives, is world famous for its carp farms, so the Carp is central to this image. As the ancient story goes, a carp that can climb up a waterfall can become a dragon. And the white dragon is the fastest of all flying dragons. This dragon in our logo is also holding a treasure, showing that they have achieved something truly special. I hope that our students will devote themselves to climbing their own waterfalls, eventually becoming white dragons. And when they do, that they will blossom into even more wonderful people who have found the treasure of wisdom and advanced skills. This message is what Kinefuchi-shihan is trying to convey to all of us.