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Within every challenging situation, we have the ability to keep calm and remain focused on achieving our goals. 

About Yoshie Sugai Sensei

Yoshie Sugai is “Shihan-dai” (7th Degree Black Belt) in Iyonoma Ryu Aikido, and the head instructor of the Iyonoma Ryu Aikido Kyoto Dojo. 

She has practiced Aikido and in Japan and overseas since 1996. 

After taking a four year break for giving birth to and bringing up her two young sons, she met Kinefuchi-Shihan and has supported his efforts to create the new style of  Iyonoma Ryu Aikido.  In 2013, she brought IyonomaRyu Aikido to Kyoto.

In addition to managing two Dojos in Kyoto, she is also offering a number of different workshops and training programs that teach how to integrate martial arts philosophy into business strategy and everyday life.

"Onore ni Katsu"

 In 2014, when I decided to start practicing Aikido I have to admit my main motivation was to learn as many techniques as possible to protect myself. But, the more I practiced,  I could understand that Aikido goes much farther than just self-defense techniques. Nowadays, it is this “inner development” what has become my biggest motivation to keep practicing, learning and improving. I want to deepen my understanding about Iyonuma Ryu Aikido’s unique philosophy and teachings on how to “master ourselves” (己に克つ) and how to reach “mutual prosperity” (自他共栄). These are concepts that I can apply not only in Aikido, but also at work and even in my personal life.   


Dany C.

El Salvador

Black Belt Meaning

"How long does it take to get a black belt?" That was the question I asked myself before I starting martial arts and the answer never satisfied me, I was just aiming for the highest level within the shortest time, until I joined IYONOMA RYU Aikido.  That's when I realized that this mindset was taking me nowhere near to getting a "real black belt".  At the heart of IYONOMA RYU Aikido is the philosophy of "Onore ni Katsu" which means "to master yourself". It is not about beating someone else or rushing to a destination but to win over our own approach to life to get better every day. 

Mai P.



私が合気道を学んで、驚いていることがあります。それは、 合気道の技や考えが自然と仕事や日常生活に繋がっていると実感し たことです。 例えば、相手が自分に攻撃をしてきた時、 合気道では相手の力を利用し自分の力をほとんど出さずに相手を倒 すことができます。時と場合によりますが、職場で上司に怒られたときに、 反撃をしてしまうと余計に怒りを煽ってしまいますが、 相手の意見を素直に受け入れ自分の意見も発言することで不思議と 怒りは収まり自分の思う通りに話が進みます。私は合気の思想や自他共栄の大切さを魚沼流合気道にて常に学ばせ てもらっています。  


Ono M.


Come Practice with us!

Our students come from many different countries around the world, range in age from 3 years old to seniors, and include both men and women from various professional and cultural backgrounds.

We hold our Thursday practices in English and we are always open to welcoming new students.  We hold our practices in one room of a public facility and not a beautiful Martial Arts Dojo.  Within this space we've created a warm, supportive "family" environment among all of our members.  

If you're interested in joining us, please contact us by email, and we'll look forward to practicing with you!

Where We Practice Aikido in Kyoto


Sakyo-western Kyoto, Tanakagenkyo-cho 149, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

  • Advanced (Black Belt) Class 18:45 ~ 19:15
  • Adult class 19:15〜20:45


Motomachi Kaikan2nd Floor

18-1 Motomachi, Koyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

  • Children up to Elementary School, 6th Grade: 18:30〜19:30
  • Jr. High School & High School, 19:30 ~ 21:00

Ready to attend a FREE Trial Lesson?  Contact us by email of phone:  

Or feel free to call us at: (050)-5539-9481

How Much Does it Cost to Practice?

Entrance Fee: ¥5,000

Secret #1

There is a one-time Entrance Fee for any regular member wishing to join our Aikido Dojo.

Monthly Practice Fee: ¥4,000

Secret #2

Each month, regular members pay ¥4,000 to attend our practices.

Test Fee: ¥2,000

Secret #3

 These tests depend on attendance and ability, but happen approximately once every 3-6 months.  

PLEASE NOTE: For all members there is an additional annual fee for Sports Insurance (¥1,850/Year) plus members are required to prepare their own Judo or Aikido Dogi, and purchase our IyonomaRyu Aikido Dogi Patch (¥1,000).

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